Accessories Liftplaq

Wheel extensions
The LIFTPLAQ® can be supplied with two wheels extensions of 55 cm (axle width 110 cm).

This wheels extension is made for handling of cover telecom (example K2C) or imposing plugs.
The operator no longer needs to make rotations to move and remove the plates or the buffers thanks to the enlarged wheels allowing a mobility from front to back.

Prolongateurs liftplaq 

Chains kit
The LIFTPLAQ® can be provided with a set of chains which allows the handling of concrete covers or cobblestone.

The set of chains is placed on the lever arm of LIFTPLAQ as well as the origin magnet. His installation is like the original.
The chains should be set up in the orifice in first, in second time the mast should be unscrewed in order to hold the cover in concrete or cobblestone. This handling permits to extend the chains.

The LIFTPLAQ® can be equipped with a T-Lift.

At a height of 28 cm, the T-LIFT consists of a mast, a washer and a threaded rod with a rectangular foot of 6 x 2.8 cm, allowing to be easily inserted into the rectangular holes of the plates and manhole covers. This option is for handling concrete slabs / pads with a rectangular hole.


Inflated wheels - Diameter 260 mm
The LIFTPLAQ® can be equipped with large inflatted wheels

The pair of wheels of 260mm inflatted wheels is recommended for the handling of heavy road plates or when moving the tool on rugged areas (stony, earth...).
These wheels allow for better stability during the handling of this type of plate. The LIFTPLAQ is easier to handle because the inflated wheels absorb shocks when driving.
The wheels are equipped with a valve allowing to inflate them, if necessary.