Certifications / Awards

Certifications : 

MAT D'OR 2017

The LIFTPLAQ won the 2017 gold trophy for equipment.
Each year, the MAT D'OR recognises the best equipment and tools for professionals in the construction industry.
The ranking  is based on a broad survey of 250,000 professionals, according to the following criteria :
Relevance and utility / Design and ergonomics / Durability and comfort

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Prevention Challenge Prize (04/12/2014)

Sotranasa Company, a specialist in excavation and installation of underground dry networks, was awarded the Prevention Challenge Prize 2014 by the CARSAT Languedoc Roussillon, thursday, December 4, 2014.
This award is the result of the implementation of LIFTPLAQ.
Sotranasa wants to make plate handling easiest for its technicians and to strive towards zero accidents.

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Corporate Social Responsability Award 2014

An award recognising our company for promoting social and corporate responsibility, towards ou employees, customers and all stakeholders related to our business, as well as the protection of the environment.

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Invention Fair Gold Metal Geneva (04/04/2014)

Award of the gold medal on April 4, 2014, for the invention of LIFTPLAQ at the 42nd international invention exhibition of Geneva. This prize was awarded in the Industry catagory. At this fair, 790 exhibitors introduced more than 1000 inventions, representing a total of 45 countries.

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Nominated for the Alfred Sauvy prize (11/28/2012)

On Novembre 28, 2012, the Association of Catalan executives held its fourteenth awards ceremony recognising an innovative company in full development.
LIFTPLAQ Company, the winner of that year, is very grateful to their representatives for this valuable distinction.

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Medal 2012 INRS (10/15/2012) in Safety at work

The National Institute for Research and Security for the prevention of occupational accidents and diseases awarded the bronze medal and certificate of OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY for the design of LIFTPLAQ.

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Recognition in Prevention (06/29/2012) by CARSAT Pension Fund Health at Work

Recognition in prevention issued by the CARSAT for the implementation of a system for improving the working conditions of employees responsible for lifting heavy plates and promoting the prevention of musculoskeletal disorders.

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Artisanal Innovation Competition Prize (05/29/2012)

Artisanal Innovation Competition Prize "Stars et Métiers" Langusdoc Roussillon 2012.


Trophy for Decision-maker of the year (11/11/2011)

Trophy Grand Prize Decision-maker of the year organised by Objectif Languedoc Roussillon.


Cherbourg Contest (04/10/2011)

Prize Cherbourg 2011, 15th Crossroads of Health and Safety at Work. "Good health and safety practises at work". Liftplaq first prototype.

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