LIFTPLAQ® videos

Large plates

The LIFTPLAQ® with wheels extensions makes it easy to handle large plates or gully gratings. The spacing of 1.10M allows to pass the wheels on both sides of the plate. The big wheels raise the tool and the plate is positioned under the extensions. The weight is distributed on the wheels, the effort is then considerably reduced.

Plate to be filled

LIFTPLAQ® is adaptable for all types of plates, including plates to be filled. The Chains-Kit replaces the magnet and allows the handling of plates covered with pavers, concrete or tiles, provided with holes to introduce the chain hooks. The foot to be unscrewed has a threaded rod to hold the plate firmly.

Telecom plate

The LIFTPLAQ® allows quick, easy and secure handling of telecom plates. NB: this type of plate can also be handled by 2 Mini-LIFTPLAQ® - see tab "Other products" - "MINI LIFTPLAQ"

Manhole cover

Sanitation system operators sometimes handle concrete-covered manhole covers, which severely increases their weight. The LIFTPLAQ® provides comfort and facilitates this work of handling road buffers.

Hinged covers

LIFTPLAQ® can be used on an articulated manhole cover. The handling consists in positioning the wheels of the LIFTPLAQ® and the magnet on the plate and tilting the tool thanks to its handle. Then, the handle, as a cane, props up right the LIFTPLAQ®.

Manhole cover closed by lugs

Some manhole covers need special handling, such as the plate with plugs. The LIFTPLAQ® magnet should be off center to exert a slight imbalance of the plate, which will release the lugs and easy handling.

3 use for LIFTPLAQ® handle

1 / The chisel tip unlocks the closing plates and cleans the edges of the plate to facilitate next handling. 2 / The brass weight screwed to the handle creates vibrations on the plate for easy handling - no spark (ATEX norm) -. 3 / Space for a socket wrench to unlock some buffers.

CARSAT (French Pension Fund and Health at Work)video of the LIFTPLAQ®

The demonstration video of LIFTPLAQ® for dry and wet networks. This video has been validated by the Retirement and Occupational Health (CARSAT-France) by a recognition in prevention.