LIFTPLAQ® photos

Wheels extension

The wheels extension accessory is for the handling of imposing plates such as Telecom.
The operator no longer needs to make rotations to move and remove the plates or the buffers thanks to the enlarged wheels allowing a mobility from front to back. 

prolongateur de roue

Position of the magnet LIFTPLAQ®

The Liftplaq® allows placing the magnet on the plate (cover) for being lifted easily and effortlessly.
This saves time when handling. The operator no longer has to clean the opening holes.

Removing the magnet

To release the magnet from the plate, simply raise the Liftplaq® by the handle, wheels side.
To facilitate the removal of the magnet, the magnet must not be close to the wheels, because leverage's effect would be less important.
 decollage LiftPlaq

Hinged buffers

The LIFTPLAQ® allows the opening of hinged buffers. Placing the wheels on the pad so as not to obstruct and block its opening.
Vertical positioning ensures a visual safety of the working area.