The LIFTPLAQ large model plate lifter is a new asset in speed and safety for my teams of samplers who crisscross the city of Marseille to carry out more than 200 samples of wastewater per week. The search for Covid in wastewater is a permanent war of movements, speed of execution is essential and this new tool has proven to be very valuable in the field.

Eric REVERBEL - Bataillon des Marins Pompiers de Marseille at 2021-12-06 18:31:55

The Mini-LIFTPLAQ certainly does not play in the same category as its big brother the LIFTPLAQ but sincerely this product pleasantly surprised me and well used we can not do bad manipulations.
If the plate is too heavy and the magnet is not enough to take it off then do not insist and switch to the LIFTPLAQ model.
On the other hand, if the magnet is sufficient to take the plate off then do not try to lift it further and slide it safely towards you using the 2 sides of the frame as rails and you will open it without problem.
Personally, I even experimented with a model L1C Telecom plate hatch on the roadway and to my surprise I managed to open it easily when I was not expecting it.
Very good product, well done to LIFTPLAQ and its Research and Development department.

DUTEL Bernard - SCOPELEC at 2021-10-27 10:10:23

To well-born products, value does not wait for the number of years: the LIFTPLAQ is the tool that allows you to open the plates of telecommunications in complete safety while greatly reducing the risk of accident or MSD and which allows you to open them alone where normally it would be necessary to be two.
And what about the accessories: the wheel extenders, the 4 chains kit, I sincerely recommend them to you. We all thought about it one day, they did it and congratulations to them and their great product the LIFTPLAQ. Social Security owes you a debt of gratitude !

DUTEL Bernard - SCOPELEC at 2021-10-25 16:31:02

A tool that was unfortunately discovered after a work-related accident with lost time, but which will make it possible to avoid others in the future with certainty!Avoiding risk is a principle of prevention that the creators of LIFTPLAQ understood very well and we are very satisfied with it.

Laura CADILLON - ENGIE Solutions at 2021-10-14 17:07:53

Assessment after a day of intensive use of the Mini-LIFTPLAQ (with back pain): Very positive.
It is an essential tool to facilitate the handling of manhole covers and preserve the integrity of people, I highly recommend.
Its small size makes it an easily transportable tool.

Nicolas THOUVENOT - NTHD Ingénierie at 2021-09-24 12:28:29

Indispensable tool for those who have to open covers and plates in their daily activity. After a lot of back pain with standard tools, operators save time and above all preserve their physical integrity. I recommend this tool to everyone.

Renault - TRANSDEV Le Havre at 2021-06-18 10:10:57

For me it's worth a 5/5. Any employer should provide a Mini-LIFTPLAQ to their employees regardless of the weight of the plate, even if it is light, bending down to lift it is where you risk getting hurt. With the Mini-LIFTPLAQ no more bending down, it's the best and for big covers the LIFTPLAQ is also very good, I think it's a very good investment. I recommend 100%

Emilie B. - AXIONE at 2021-06-09 10:32:57

After spending over 15 years with plate hooks and hammers for the copper yards, we switched to the mini LiftPlaq for fiber yards. Some teams are equipped with Liftplaq and are very satisfied with it.
No more back pain, no more wasted effort trying to grab the plates with the multigrip pliers, or even trying to remove the Telecom plate with a screwdriver, who hasn't do it already?
Sincerely, this must-have purchase made in 2019 has really improved our life on the site, I won't be going back as before!

Ps: After 2 years of intense activity, the magnet has not moved, it is powerful and efficient!

I recommend +++

Jonathan HAVET - SADE TELECOM at 2021-06-02 15:02:36

An essential tool once you have it, it should also be recognized in the public interest! The liftplaq prevents many accidents, no more slipping clamps and back pain, to be recommended and used without moderation for all those who work in the networks (fiber, electricity, public lighting, traffic lights, telecom).

Thierry P - METZ METROPOLIS at 2021-05-10 09:50:21

 Excellent !

Thibaud CHAIX - SCOPELEC at 2021-05-09 17:53:19

This tool is validated by my entire team. They work safely thanks to you. Moreover, I would like to warmly thank Mr Blanco for his professionalism and his help at every stage of the project.
I recommend Liftplaq to you.

Sylvie GARCIA - EUROPCAR at 2021-02-26 10:06:48

Very suitable for the back while respecting the weight of the load for gestures and postures at work ...

Philippe LORITO - SNCF at 2020-12-07 14:49:31

Excellent product !
It is essential today in our professions, whether in the detection of networks or in the construction industry in general, to have in one's possession a LIFTPLAQ !! PROTECT our back which is so important ...
Thank you again to the LIFTPLAQ team for this invention and this GREAT tool !

Yvan SANCHEZ - BIR at 2020-10-21 11:33:50

 As an Underground Network Detection Technician, I am fortunate to have a LIFTPLAQ in my vehicle inventory, which is now essential for me to work in complete safety and serenity. Because there are many dangerous occasions, such as back pain, crushing or the risk of dropping a plate into the void after opening ...
With this plate lifter, I am able to meet any challenge, alone or in pairs, because it adapts to all situations.
I recommend it for all trades like mine where we are led to open all types of plates (TEL, Fiber, EU / EP, AEP ... etc)

Andy PARAYRE - ADRE RESEAUX at 2020-10-12 16:39:12

I have seen the demonstration of small and large model lift-plaq on several occasions, in the company that trained me in Telecom. There the use of the liftplaq is compulsory. And I think it's a good thing. It avoids accidents at work, back problems after 10 years in the and even if you have to mount the tool it remains a time saver I think. I hope that many other companies will realize the interest of investing in liftplaq.

Emelyne Lefebvre - Former SOGETREL employee at 2020-06-03 10:50:54

The Mini-LIFTPLAQ is useful, practical, easy to use. It adapts to almost all plates and manholes covers. It has changed our practices and has become an essential tool before any work begins.
The operators are even disappointed when it is already used on another site.
We take care of our back and our fingers. You must have it !

A. JANIACZYK - TAUW FRANCE at 2020-03-05 08:45:20

LIFTPLAQ is the security solution, the different models are suitable for everyday use and allow you to work while avoiding MSDs.

Tarik MADANI - Hexagone Communication at 2020-02-18 18:36:09

The LIFTPLAQ is a very good product which allows you to open plates and manholes covers safely, practically without forcing, while preserving your back!
Time saving and much less risk!

Guillaume RASCANIER - GéoRéso at 2020-02-13 12:19:34

To preserve your health capital, LIFTPLAQ will help you there.
No more back pain or bad postures when you lift the manhole covers, LIFTPLAQ will help you for sure!

Jean-Marc NAUDEY - SADE CGTH at 2019-11-28 08:57:45

Since the purchase, our employees are delighted. They no longer hurt their backs and lift the manhole covers safely. LIFTPLAQ needs to be recommended for Telecom work.

Hervé ARIOLI - ACT at 2019-11-17 12:15:49

This Mini-LIFTPLAQ is a revolution for field workers.
Small, powerful, weighs almost nothing. It is the perfect tool to work.
Back pain no longer exists! I also spend less time moving a plate, and I want to say it is a tool that will keep your back and your fingers healthy.
This tool is indispensable in all companies working in these areas, it should be mandatory! And I use it every day.

Maurice PORET - Sogetrel at 2019-09-30 10:38:06

The pair of Mini-LIFTPLAQ revolutionized the handling of our multiple metal plates installed on the site. Simple, effective and small: it couldn't be better !

Véronique HIS - QSE SPIE Industrie et tertiaire at 2019-09-19 09:10:49

The passionate of this job that I am is admring the ability to adapt and adaptability that you prove through the tools you offer. This availability of simple, effective and functional solutions is a model of inspiration for me.

Christelle TOUGNON - MANOWOME at 2019-07-08 09:09:02

More than a tool, it is a collective safety equipment, especially on the maneuvering of triangular plates with hinges, rather heavy (sup 100kg). In addition, the value for money is an asset to not hesitate to buy even for occasional users.
Stéphane - Maintenance Group Manager SABOM / Veolia

Stéphane LAFFARGUE - SABOM at 2019-04-16 15:51:40

Super tool, the LIFTPLAQ will avoid the accidents of work too often due the putting back of the round tampons which turn back on the foot or the shin of the collaborators. It must of course respect the rules of use and everything goes well.
Eric - Network Water Technician and member of CHSCT

Eric VERGER - VEOLIA EAU at 2019-03-18 11:54:38

Manhole cover used for 5 years, super handy, takes up very little space in a , powerful magnet. However, we must position the magnet on the plate, it goes without saying, otherwise imbalance! For improvement, plan all-terrain wheels.
LIFTPLAQ's answer : We have already considered this request. The option inflated wheels, usable for all types of ground, already exists : LIFTPLAQ > Accessories LIFTPLAQ

TEODORE - ETE Réseaux at 2019-03-13 10:48:29

We are very satisfied with our LIFTPLAQ. It is use at the network detection center, and it makes the job much easier. A tool that was very quickly depreciated, compared to the time saving on the work site !

Pablo JARA - ROUSSILLON TOPO INGENIERIE at 2019-03-11 13:42:28

SOGETREL FRANCE was among the first to use LIFTPLAQ.
Our results : an 85% decrease in work-related accidents with stopping on the handling of manhole covers.

Philippe BUFFAT - SOGETREL at 2019-02-22 08:53:05

Our team uses a Liftplaq; We are happy. It is an excellent product, reliable and practical.
It allows lifting plates safely. I highly recommend it.
Mr TORRE technician factory

Jean-Marie TORRE - VEOLIA EAU at 2019-01-24 14:32:37

I am a surveyor, and we have equipped our technicians with Mini-LIFTPLAQ, which helps them in their daily network investigations.
It is a safe, reliable and practical tool.

Damien THERRY - SIT&A CONSEIL at 2019-01-16 16:38:18

Hello, I am a trainer at the Veolia Seine & Nord campus.
As part of some of our training, we have water or sanitation pads to lift. We have at our disposal several types of tools, we must recognize that the liftplaq and the mini liftpaq are very practical, they are very good tools that I strongly recommend to use.
Mr. Goutier

GOUTIER Yanick at 2018-10-29 11:14:53

Very good

Didier FINTRINI - DF DETECTION at 2018-10-28 10:24:44

I am a fiber optic technician at CIRCET and I have been using a LIFTPLAQ for 4 years.
All technicians and I are very satisfied.
We tried a manhole cover lifter of another brand that disappointed us (unusable after 2 weeks).
I recommend LIFTPLAQ for its reliability, comfort and robustness.

Antoine JOLY - CIRCET at 2018-10-26

 Quality and indispensable equipment for performing network detection.
The company STELE DETECTION is very satisfied !!

STELE DETECTION - Mr Bachelet at 2018-07-12

It's been a year now that we use this liftplaq and it is very useful and practical. It allows to lift a large number of plates outside the kN 400 which remains too heavy.


We are very satisfied of LIFTPLAQ !

NOVODINAMICA (Spain) at 2017-03-14

I already bought you a liftplaq last year, advised by the MGC Forclum Cie in Lyon, and I am very satisfied, that is why I would like to buy a new…

Jonathan SOMMA. Fiber Optic Specialist at 2017-03-03

MINI LIFTPLAQ has facilitated day-to-day, it is a very light tool that allows us to save time and especially to avoid unwanted injuries to our operators.

PANATEC at 2017-02-05

Thank you, Last year I was forced to make me a hook to remove the plates for water meter readings. It was very painful to identify and remove. Congratulations for your very reliable tool use and for health.

Fabien Wasnair- Pipefitter - Welder at 2017-01-18

We are very very happy with  " LIFTPLAQ" because  of it's easy to Handle & easy to use Technik, our labours are very very happy with your equipment.

Soham Systems - INDIA at 2017-01-07

I am fully satisfied with your tool. I never fail to show your product to my co-workers and around me, they are seduced

Etienne Roger – Technical Officer Télécoms- Radio at 2016-09-30

SIARNC company acquired the lifplaq in 2012 for the opening of manhole covers located on the roads. Its use is entirely satisfactory when the plate has a sufficient surface for the magnet. The effort exerted on the back is actually less important than with a traditional buffer lift. We also use the mini lifplaq, very useful to avoid bending down when opening the boxes of connections or small eyes of sanitation cast iron. If the use of the lifplaq is more limited for the hinged buffers that lock, these tools are recommended in the prevention of MSD hazards and accidents involving heavy loads.

Guillaume SIARNC (Syndicat Intercommunal d'Assainissement de la Région de Neauphle le Château) at 2016-09-20

We contacted Citéos TOURS our enthusiasm over the tool that is mandatory in Citéos IDF Major projects for opening and closing the buffers

M. André Cleirec – business manager at 2016-09-12

4 years of use for intensive use and we have never encountered any problems with this material.
The feedback is more than positive.
Bests regards

Vincent - INEO ANC ENGIE at 2016-09-09

Each technician on the fiber optic team has been equipped with a liftplaq with all the options. This opens the majority of telecom room buffers alone, minimizing the risk of MSDs and hand injuries.

Santerne Toulouse sievic at 2016-07-02

Excellent !

Christophe Perrin - Land surveyor at 2016-06-20

Thank you for the invention is ingenious. I congratulate you. Hope to see spread this tool.

Alexandre Choisnel - Electrician networks, public lighting at 2016-05-10

Very happy of the LIFTPLAQ !

Joël Dissaux- Technical Service City of Isbergues at 2016-04-15

Hello, I am a user of LIFTPLAQ for a few months, I raised with many looks of sanitation. This tool allowed me easy handling of looks without effort on my back

Charlie BOUQUET ADS TOPO (Géomètre-topographe) at 2016-03-22

A LIFTPLAQ user since 2013, we are delighted with this device. My colleagues are really relieved for the work as much by its simplicity of operation as by the ease of opening generated by it. A product to recommend !!!! (Bureau Surveys Geometer Topographer).

Vincent BARAILLE at 2016-03-21

The Société des Eaux de Marseille, wants to improve the ergonomics and working conditions of its agents, was looking for a tool that would allow agents to handle the road plates and manhole covers safely. The LIFTPLAQ and MiniLIFTPLAQ products met this requirement in terms of prevention. After a first order of LIFTPLAQ in 2015, which was very favorably received by the teams, a wider distribution of this tool is planned for 2016. In addition, we appreciated listening to the company LIFTPLAQ, which took into consideration one of our remarks in order to adapt the device to our specific needs.

Philippe POMIES at 2016-01-25

I was looking for a tool to open mnhole covers and buffers, I was even ready to design one when I discovered the LIFTPLAQ.
Since my technicians can open all kinds of rooms safely and alone, whereas before, you had to be 2.
Today I intend to continue to develop my business and therefore buy a 3rd LIFTPLAQ.
Only downside, some small parts are often manipulated and can be lost, but we can happily replace them.

Thierry BOLOT at 2014-07-29

The LiftPlaq we have been using for more than a year gives us complete satisfaction, because it allows to handle the buffers safely while limiting the efforts.

Olivier - VINCI CONSTRUCTION PACA at 2014-03-21

The liftplaq provides real safety and comfort in handling network plates. Its handling by users was quick and easy. In the end, gains in terms of safety at work, in terms of employee health (no more tiredness of the back after the plate reading), and therefore productivity at work!

To try it is to adopt it!

Lionel at 2013-07-17

The LIFTPLAQ is ideal for chamber reading, easy to use and especially allows the opening of chamber to one person.

Mehdi at 2013-03-12

Our company has acquired several Liftplaq in 2009 and we use successfully since then. We want to equip our new vans

Vincent Duveiller- Cie EPUR-Belgique – Sanitation at 2011-10-20